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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thus Far

photo by Jessalyn Claire
I very rarely post anything other than my sessions and thought I'd branch out a little and give you some insight to my life whether it be personal, movies, food, music etc. Music has always been influential in my life. It is a physical need for calms me. I truly have eclectic taste ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Michael Buble' from Green Day to Debussy. Growning up I can remember being influenced my parents and family. From my dad.....America, The Beatles, Santana, The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds From my mom....Abba, Michael Jackson, Hall and Oates, and Rod Stewart. And probably my most significant influence would be my aunt Sandra. My love for Fleetwood Mac, Heart and The Eagles started with her. So, it's not surprising that my dad's cousin's son (basically my third cousin?) has not only the love for music but amazing musical talent!!! Their new cd is enchanting and I can not wait to get mine! Check out Thus Far.


  1. Thanks for this Laurie! Ya'll can download their CD for FREE! At

  2. Alex and Kara will be so happy and honored that you posted this music video of theirs! Thus Far Rocks!!!!


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