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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life's a Beach

Friday, January 22, 2010

What To Wear

When it comes to portrait photography, clothing plays a huge role in the success of the finished product.

Let’s be clear what you’re clothing does NOT need to be:

1. Brand New I’m down with your favorite ripped jeans, retro band T’s, and worn converse shoes – as long as you know how to rock them in your own fabulous style.

2. Fancy-Schmancy and Uber-Expensive Unless it’s your thing (If it’s really your thing, then by all means baby, bring on the bling). If you’re not normally a dress-up kind of person, don’t feel like you have to be one for your session.

3. Matching No need to focus on matching everything from the color of your fuchsia headbands to the stripes in your socks. In fact, I beg of you, please, please don’t. If you’re heart is set on everyone in white button downs and khaki pants, I’m probably not your girl.

4. Stressful No need to worry about each and every item, or fret about the suitability of each accessory. This is supposed to be fun. If you’re unsure – call me and we’ll make sure you look fabulous. I promise.

*Got this from Kristen Rachelle Photography....she said everything I wanted to say and more!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Over the Christmas holidays I got to photograph Mr. T and Ms. A. Mom and I were in girl scouts together and lived a block away and spent many days playing around our neighborhood. It was so good to catch up and spend time with A and T. They are sweet as can be and were such a joy to photograph! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Moi {Me}

When my boys were born, my photography blossomed with my desire to capture each new milestone and every special moment forever. When I'm behind the camera, I often wonder how in the world I got so lucky.

I love beautiful light. I love the creativity behind each shoot. I love giggles shared between siblings. I love seeing how people live, and the interactions that make families unique and beautiful.

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