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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Attention moms!

When I first heard this idea, I'll admit, it sounded silly. But the more I thought about actually would come in quite handy! You can forget about digging through your purse for a pen and scrap of paper to jot down your contact information. With the mommy card you can hand them out to babysitters, teachers, friends, daycare or schools for emergency contact. Network! Hand them out to other moms and arrange play dates, trips, groups, etc. I can't wait to get mine! My ten year old is actually excited to pass them out to his friends. These printed just like any other business card with linen or pebble texture. And for a little bit more you can get the pearl paper which has a little shimmer. For 100 cards you pay $60....can't wait to design one for you.

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